ONtheGO Magazine is Toronto’s most read commuter magazine and the only free Lifestyle magazine available to travellers across the GTA. Our premium original content provides readers with a much needed break from the monotony of their daily commute. What’s more, we offer advertisers the rare opportunity to reach consumers during on of the only unoccupied times in their day.

Packaged in a rider-friendly size and printed on high quality, 60lb glossy stock, ONtheGO makes for an easy read, to the from work. Each issue includes a variety of interesting articles on a whole range of topics, along with some fun activities to keep commuters entertained. Touching on ‘every-day’ subjects; such as what to do, where to go, what to buy, what to eat and drink, as well as the best travel getaways and more, ONtheGO‘s diverse content caters to broad audience. This wide spread appeal makes ONtheGO not only a must-have travel buddy, but also a great take-home magazine – and unlike the free dailies we do no leave link on our reader’s hands.

While there are many other commuter-targeted options out there, travellers consistently make the choice to pick up ONtheGO.