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Posted On November 6, 2019
  RECIPE | CANDY CANE PEPPERMINT PATTIES As a child I never liked anything peppermint flavoured but for some reason, as I got older, I found that a stack of After Eights still didn’t offer

Jamie Kennedy Recipe: Raw Winter Vegetable Salad

Posted On November 5, 2019
Raw Winter Vegetable Salad with Vegetable Juices From: The Jamie Kennedy Cookbook | Pg. 335 “Winter in Southern Ontario can be dreary and grey. When we approach food production and menu planning in the local

Jamie Kennedy Recipe: Mussels Steamed in Riesling

Posted On November 5, 2019
Mussels Steamed in Riesling From: The Jamie Kennedy Cookbook | Pg. 316 “Riesling is a varietal that is produced more and more in Ontario as we discover how well the grape grows here. Riesling wines



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Follow a Foodie - Mijune Pak

Follow a Foodie - Mijune Pak

Posted On September 1, 2019
Possessing a truly insatiable hunger for all things delicious, Mijune Pak takes the term “foodie” to a whole new level. Born and raised in Vancouver, BC, Mijune has spent the last decade eating, sleeping, and
Mike and Tyler in Vancouver

Adventures of Mike and Tyler

Posted On August 27, 2019
If you are looking for a safe place to travel, where you will feel welcome - no matter what race, gender, or sexual orientation you are - you’ve come to the right place. Horizon Travel

What Does Bliss Mean to you?

Posted On January 9, 2019
Is it the soft sands and blue waters of the Caribbean? For some it’s more specific than that — it’s Blue Waters Resort & Spa in Antigua. Nestled on the North East coast of Antigua,